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Welcome to The Thielke Arboretum, Glen Rock, New Jersey!

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Thielke/Glen Rock Arboretum will put up its summer StoryWalk® at the Arboretum entrance from the pool parking lot in time for the July 4th weekend

This time it is a classic fairy tale,The Three Little Pigs, which is presented with bright cartoon-like illustrations,interactive dialogue and with changes in font and use of boldface to emphasize the action in the story.  Follow the Arboretum trail to discover each next page of the story.  Does your child know and remember the story?  How many pigs were there?  Does he/she know what happens to each little pig?  Who's the mischievous villain in the story?  What happens to him at the end?  And no, he does not become wolf stew!

The creator of the beautiful illustrations in this book is Ed Bryan.  Mr. Bryan is a native of England.  According to Ed, he wants " to make things that are beautiful, charming, funny, have high production values, and attention to detail".  He has certainly achieved doing that with this version of the classic story.

This book was personally selected for the children’s enjoyment by members of the Arboretum Planning Team, all educators, from a selection of books culled by Sally Morgan, co-owner of The CuriousReader, a unique and special children’s bookstore, located at 229 Rock Road, in Glen Rock.  Located close to the Thielke Arboretum, it’s the ideal place to pique your child’s continued interest in reading after the StoryWalk®, and during the summer months. 

This StoryWalk® is made possible through the efforts of the Friends of the Thielke Arboretum, Inc. and through collaboration with The Curious Reader, at 229 Rock Rd, and by Mail & More Inc., at 233 Rock Road, a full service mail center providing personalized packing, copying, shipping, and more, under the direction of Paul Duggan. Sally and Paul believe in being involved in community activities and particularly enjoy the positive StoryWalk® comments  shared by their customers. 

 The Three Little Pigs will be available all summer from dawn to dusk at the Arboretum.  Enjoy it as  many times as you’d like.  Take a break from swimming and the playground and come read or be read to in a beautiful natural environment!  The StoryWalk® is free, but donations to the Arboretum are always appreciated.

TheStoryWalk® concept was originally created by Anne Ferguson of Montpelier, VT.  StoryWalk® is currently used in 48 states and four countries.